Your questions. Answered.

Why Stories?

Stories are the future! We believe they are the single best way for influencers and brands to connect with their audiences. They are taking over the world of content because they provide a transparent, easy to consume medium for creators to share their message. Still not convinced? Go talk to some Gen Zers! Or Send us a message.

How does Storyheap help?

With Storyheap, you can publish, schedule, synchronize, and analyze your stories on Snapchat and Instagram. Request a demo and we’ll walk you through the platform!

Does it only work with Snapchat and Instagram?

For now, we’re focusing on Snapchat and Instagram. But as you may have seen, stories are taking over the world! We are working on integrating with more media platforms to help you expand your reach.

What metrics can I track?

Our Story Analytics dashboard gives you unique insight into how your stories are performing. Metrics such as views, screenshots, open rate, completion rate, and growth help you gain a better understanding of what’s working and how you can improve your content.

Can I export my data?

Yes! In one click, you can export your story analytics, from both Snapchat and Instagram, to a CSV. You can also get custom reports for any social account via Email or PDF. Perfect for teams managing multiple clients.

What happens when my stories expire?

Although your story expired on Snapchat or Instagram, you can still see all it’s details on Storyheap. We keep an archive of all your content and we make it incredibly easy to search, label, download and view individual metrics for any of your past stories.

Is my account safe?

Your account’s security is our top concern. Unlike any other solutions we interact with the social platforms just as you would, as a regular user (we are not using any private / unauthorized APIs). You’re in good hands with us! We are not officially affiliated with the social platforms. By signing up you agree with our Terms of Service.

Who uses Storyheap?

We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the world’s top brands and content producers. We’re currently onboarding more awesome users, so be sure to sign up and we’ll get you onboarded as soon as possible.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes! We love working with digital, marketing, and music agencies to help them power stories for their clients. We offer special ‘bulk’ pricing for agencies, so send us a quick message and let’s get you onboarded!

How much does it cost?

Plans start at $49/profile/mo. They are built to scale to millions of followers, and range in price, driven by the size of your accounts and average number of views. Request a demo and we will get back to you with a price that matches you and your team’s needs!

Any other cool stuff?

Oh yes! You can export all your analytics and even integrate with your favorite CRM. Storyheap also offers full team management with permissions support. Need custom reports? We got you covered! With Storyheap you can download & send custom reports to your team or clients.

Other Inquiries

You can reach us anytime via email: support@storyheap.com. For quick questions you can always hop on our live chat.